Friday, May 8, 2015

Create And Earn Tip #1 - Do your best

This tip should be applied to everything we do in life.  Don't just settle for an "OK effort", do your best.  This includes your designs, pictures, drawings or anything you're hoping people will buy from you.  

If you can only draw stick figures, make sure you draw the best stick figures possible.  Once you can draw the best stick figures on earth, move on to something more challenging.  It's OK to lack the skills necessary to create a masterpiece, however it is not acceptable to not be developing your current skills.  There's always room for improvement.  

Today we live in a wonderful era where most of the knowledge we need to develop any skill is mostly free.  Just go to Google and do a quick search, or go to YouTube and look for an instructional video.  Heck, this series of tips was designed to help you develop your "creating and earning" skills using POD websites.  See my point here?

Make a promise to yourself to do your best, to go that extra mile.  If you can make this promise and keep it, it will make everything else a lot easier.  If you don't get this handled, all the other tips I will write will be pointless.  No amount of advice will ever substitute your best effort.

So please remember to always do your best and to keep developing your current skills.

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